• No One Intentionally Hires the Wrong Person
  • Nearly 80% of Job Turnover is Due to Hiring Mistakes
  • 40% of New Managers Fail within the First 18 Months of a New Position, Usually for Non-Technical Reasons
  • 80% of Executives Do Not Have the People Skills to be Effective Leaders
  • Hiring the Wrong Executive Can Cost an Organization as Much as 3 to 5 Times Annual Salary
  • About Us

    At Edwards Executive Search, we specialize in identifying Contributors, the elite of High Performers, for our clients. Contributors are leaders. Contributors are valuable in all aspects of a business unit. Contributors have what it takes, that special combination of skills, to drive improvement. We have what it takes to find Contributors for you.

    Our Commitment

    We find, evaluate and present to our clients indisputable business leaders who have proven that they have what it takes to meaningfully improve financial results.

    A great technical match (i.e. the hard skills) to your needs is vital, but it is just not enough! If the match is also not strong from a personal and cultural perspective (i.e. the soft skills) the incoming executive will either underperform or not endure with your company. The optimal hire is based on a complete fit. A complete fit will thrive in your organization and meaningfully contribute to its financial improvement.