Partners-in-Transition Vocation

Are you an executive that wants to construct a second career?

Partners-in-Transition® Vocation Mentoring

Are you an executive that wants to construct a second career?

Our mentoring process will determine the combination of what is genuinely “you” with a vocation or calling, resulting in work that is meaningful, fun and rewarding.

It involves the exploration & determination of seven factors:

  1. Life Purpose: What is the core theme or message of your life?
  2. Values: What matters most to you?
  3. Motivators & Interests: What motivates you to do something well?
  4. Skills, Knowledge & Abilities: What natural talents do you have? What other marketable skills have you developed that you enjoy using?
  5. Work & Other Experience: What kind of work or volunteer experience have you had?
  6. Desired Career Targets: What kinds of careers may you want to pursue next?
  7. Business Reality: Are the options you have selected financially viable for you?

Each factor will be discussed in a 1-on-1 sixty minute consultation with Edwards. Topic-specific preparation sheets and discussion guides are used to optimize the consultation time.

An Emotional Intelligence assessment (EQi®) will be administered and discussed to provide meaningful information for the mentor and mentee.

This mentoring program includes:

  • EQi® Completion & Interpretation ( Session 1 of 8 )
  • Seven Topic-Specific 60 Minute 1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions

International Coach FederationMr. Edwards, a former company CEO, is also a trained Master Career Coach. He is a member of the International Coach Federation.