It's All About the Fit!® 

A Practical Guide to Hiring an Executive Who Will Increase Your Company's Value

Presenting a More Effective Methodology for Hiring a “Value-Builder”
Based on over 15 years of experience as a successful retained recruiter, Lynton Edwards shares his unique CompleteFIT® executive search process. Step-by-step, he walks you through a systematic, robust, and holistic method to identify, recruit, and hire real Value-Builders. You will gain insight into every aspect of effective professional recruiting, including how to:
  • write a detailed position specification and match candidates to it
  • set the specific standards for the hard and soft competencies needed for value-building performance
  • interview candidates to identify their competencies and performance track record accurately
  • use scientifically-based assessment tools in the proper way
  • analyze to determine the holistic fit a candidate to the position
  • select the right final candidate for the job and onboard for rapid results
The CompleteFIT process helps ensure a tight alignment between the requirements of a specific executive role and the technical competencies, personal qualities, cultural motivation, and ethical values of the selected candidate. The process allows you to reduce the risks of a wrong hire and instead increase the chance of adding a Value-Builder to your team

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