Executive In-Transition Mentoring

Who Better to Help You Maximize Your Job Search Than a Successful Retained Executive Recruiter, Master Career Coach and Former CEO of a PE-Owned Company?

Partners-In-Transition™ Mentoring

This is a mentoring service, conducted by Mr. Edwards, for an executive in, or to-be-in, a job search or job transition.


The benefit to you is a refinement of your job search strategy and your positioning as the optimal candidate; and the identification of any issues you may have as a candidate and what do about them!

While this program will help you, there is of course no guarantee of employment


With 250+ executive placements, Mr. Edwards is an
expert at reviewing and selecting a candidate who has
effectively positioned themselves to be an A-player.
Conversely, he can assist you in developing your optimal
positioning as a candidate.


Mentees will be selected at Mr. Edwards’ discretion.


We conduct a 60-minute mentoring session. Here is the Discussion Guide for this session:

Part 1     


Job Search Objectives                       

Industry/Industries-Concentric Circles     

Ownership/Governance Preference         

Revenue Size Preference                        

Income Statement vs. Balance Sheet      

Geographic Preferences/Limitations        

Desired Compensation                            

State of the Job Search                           


Results to Date/Status                             

Offers/Near Offers                                    

Responses/Issues from Employers

Part 2

Action Plan Refinement

Edwards Perspective on Candidate Hiring Issues

Edwards Perspective on Candidate Positioning

Recommendations for Improvement

Resume Issues/Suggestions

Financial Accomplishments (Metrics)

Role Played in Accomplishments                           

Reasons for Job Changes

Network Utilization & Improvement

Recruiter Utilization & Improvement

Selection of References

If You Wish to be Considered for This Program, Please Contact Mr. Edwards at wle@edwards-search.com