Executive Search

When the FIT is Holistic, a Business Leader Delivers Strong Results!

It's not just about hiring someone. It's about getting it right the first time. When a top executive in a key position is the right fit, that is a CompleteFIT®, the company’s results will improve. Having an effective process, like we do, to determine a CompleteFIT® ensures that you hire a top performer!

CompleteFIT® Retained Executive Search

This is a proprietary evaluation process developed by Edwards and used to successfully place 250+ key executives. It is a holistic, sophisticated process for effective executive search and executive evaluation

CompleteFIT® is based on a measurement of company-to-candidate alignment in 4 competency domains:
  1. Technical/Experience-Based

  2. Personal/Job-Based

  3. Cultural/Organizational-Based

  4. Ethical/Business Values-Based


We grade candidates on each experience-based criterion. This assessment is conducted by Mr. Edwards, a former CEO who built his own highly regarded management teams.


We take you through a format to establish the critical-to-performance job and organizational-based criterion that you believe are necessary for high performance. We help you set metric standards for each criterion, 31 in all.


We utilize the scientifically-validated Hogan® and Watson-Glaser II™ assessments to measure the candidate’s degree of alignment to the metric standards you have set. These assessments have been proven to predict executive performance. Only candidates with good alignment are presented to you for your consideration.


Once we have placed your CompleteFIT® candidate our partnership continues with 6-week on boarding mentoring for that candidate, at no additional cost to you, to help the hired executive transition into the position effectively and timely. The mentoring is conducted by Mr. Edwards, a Master Career Coach.


We offer a 2-year replacement guarantee!

The Hogan® Assessments               

The Hogan® assessments were designed and have shown validity in their ability to predict occupational success; and job and organizational fit. Mr. Edwards is a certified administrator and interpreter of the Hogan® assessments. 

The assessments are available in 45 different languages, with the reports/findings translated into English.


Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI):  The HPI is the industry standard for measuring personality as it relates to job performance.  These deeply ingrained personal characteristics measured by the HPI impact how individuals approach work and interaction with others.


Hogan Development Survey (HDS): The HDS provides insight regarding eleven “derailment” tendencies that, when incited by stress, pressure, or boredom, are capable of impeding work relationships, adversely impacting leadership style, hindering productivity, and limiting overall career potential and effectiveness.

Hogan Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI): The MVPI provides insight regarding a person's core values, goals, and interests, information that relates to (a) the environment in which the person will perform best and derive the most motivation and (b) the kind of culture the person will be motivated to create as a leader.

The Watson-Glaser II™ Critical Thinking Appraisal


The Watson-Glaser II is the leading critical thinking test to assess and develop decision-making skills and judgement. This ability test provides a full breakdown of a person’s critical thinking and decision-making processes and clarifies whether an individual will make sound logical decisions by seeing the wider consequences as opposed to becoming too narrowly focused or influenced by emotional reactions to topics.