As a CEO,
I Have Made Hiring Mistakes – Don’t You!

Strong Executive Leadership Means Strong Results

Conversely, Executive Underperformance is Costly and Unacceptable.

As a former CEO of a PE-owned company, I have suffered through “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” of hiring (or promoting) key executives.


The combination of my past experiences and my battle-tested CompleteFIT® evaluation process gets you the right person the first time…. backed by my 2-year guarantee! 

CompleteFIT® Retained Executive Search


 Experience-based competencies are obviously critical.  But a candidate must also be a strong fit personally and culturally in the specific position and organization to be able to fully utilize their abilities and skills and deliver strong results.  Knowing how to navigate ethical issues is the final predictor of an executive’s success.  

It is all about the fit; and the fit should be a CompleteFIT®. Edwards Executive Search specializes in determining these personal and organizational alignments, along with finding top skill-based & experience-based candidates.


Just like the evaluation of any capital expenditure, human capital must be effectively evaluated. You need a sophisticated and scientific PROCESS to be successful. We have one that works.