Mr. Edwards is an Executive Recruiter with 250+ Blue Chip Executives Placements, a Battle-Tested Former CEO and Author!

Meet Lynton “Lyn” Edwards


Mr. Edwards is currently the Managing Partner of Edwards Executive Search, a successful national retained executive search firm that places C-level executives.


He is the creator of the Complete FIT® executive search process and the author of It’s All About the Fit!® 


Mr. Edwards’ background is unique for an executive recruiter. This background is the foundation of his success:

  • He is a former CEO/President of PE-owned company which he sold to a strategic buyer.

  • Prior, he was an executive in several leading multi-national CPG companies.

  • He has served as a Board of Director’s member of several private and publicly-owned companies.

  • He is a Master Career Coach with a specialty in executive-transition and executive-performance improvement.

  • He has earned a Six Sigma/Lean Black Belt certification.

  • He is certified in the administration and interpretation of the Hogan® assessments.


Mr. Edwards earned his MBA at Washington University’s Olin Graduate School of Business. He graduated from Colgate University and attended Harvard University’s Executive Leadership Program as a Danforth Fellow.

Recent Recommendations:

I have used Lyn Edwards as both an executive recruiter and an executive performance improvement mentor. Even in very difficult situations, Lyn has exceeded expectations in all deliverables. He provides consistent and meaningful feedback and input throughout the process. I give him my strongest recommendation.


Tom Warner

CEO, ThyssenKrupp Presta

ACS Group has used Lyn Edwards to fill several key positions in our company over the past few years. Lyn does an excellent job of understanding our requirements and then identifying qualified candidates that meet our requirements. Lyn works the full process from job specification to onboarding the selected candidate.

I was very pleased with Lyn’s work with us and highly recommend him if you need to hire a top performing executive.

Jim Holbrook
Former President
ACS Group

I consider Lyn the best executive recruiter in the mid-west. The Edwards Executive Search process has helped our organization fill numerus key positions with resounding success. Lyn and the Complete FIT process placed me in my current position and continues to earn our organizations business.

I have found Lyn’s prior C level experience and perspective to be a significant asset in understanding the value of our organizations time and needs. Based on the complete Fit process and his experience Lyn perfectly aligns the organization and the candidate’s desired outcome. Lyn consistently seems uninterested in forcing our organization to test a field of paper qualified candidates, he discovers our business need and delivers results.

As both a customer and a candidate, I feel Edwards Executive Search has brought great fit after great fit.


Chris Hafke

VP, Operations

KKSP Precision Machining

I recently read Lynton Edwards' book entitled, "It's All About the Fit!", and found it to be a wonderful resource for understanding the value of investing in the proper due diligence of the candidate selection process - especially at the senior/executive level.

I was so intrigued by the book that I engaged in a series of one-on-one meetings with Lynton where I was able to gain further insight into the process and tools, he utilizes in his executive search efforts.

Lynton's methodologies,
toolsand techniques differentiate him from the many executive search consultants and career coaches I have worked with in my career. Further, his real-world C-Suite experience lends itself quite well to his executive search practice.

The value proposition that Lynton brings to the search process is imperative to any organization that wants to ensure they are finding the best candidate who not only meets their competency requirements but also the character and culture fit that are essential to a successful hire.

Paul Birk

Vice President, Human Resources

Lynton and I spent time coaching me. He is an achiever and very experienced executive himself, who is now, as advisor and recruiter, helping companies and BODs to find the right candidates for senior level functions. Lynton is extremely well organized in preparation for the meetings we had. He makes it very clear what can be expected of him and what not. As a participant, you have to prepare for meetings with him just as much as he has to prepare for them. Lynton won’t meet with just anyone but he is selective in his criteria before agreeing to meet. He just doesn’t want to waste anybody’s time including his own. He wrote a book “It’s all about the fit”. Lynton also guarantees his work, his services up to two years for his clients. His diligence, his straightforwardness, and his clean, clear advice impressed me. I look forward to continuing engaging with Lynton in the future.


Andy Stecher

C-Level Executive, Manufacturing

It is rare that you come across an Executive Recruiter like Lynton. I have known Lynton for many years and I have worked with him on a couple of searches during that time.

However, what has impressed me the most about Lynton is his passion to ensure that I put my best foot forward in my search for a new role. I recently reached out to Lynton to see if he was working on any opportunities that would fit my background. He currently is not; however, instead of emailing me that he will contact me if he does start one in future, instead, he reached out to help mentor, coach and provide critiques on my resume to help me find that next position at no cost. I am very much blessed by his generosity.

I would highly recommend Lynton to any group who is looking to find that candidate that fits exactly what you are looking in your search. He clearly takes the appropriate time to learn not only your culture but the candidates as well to ensure that both parties are successful.


I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your distinctive approach in mentoring me in my search for a new opportunity in a leadership capacity. The insight and actionable solutions you taught me will provide great value in my next role. The book you wrote, It’s All About the Fit, is a must-have for all executives. It truly is a practical guide to hiring an executive that will increase a company’s value.

You are the consummate professional and the most thorough and knowledgeable executive recruiter I have ever had the pleasure to work with. You have created an environment where high performing people can learn how to develop and grow. You have shown me the ability on how to successfully capitalize on new opportunities while maximizing resources available to the fullest. I am confident in saying that you model the core values of integrity, authenticity, and accountability while possessing excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Rest assured that I will always be respectful of the time you invest and I will use Edwards Executive Search for my recruiting needs.


Tom Aglio

Healthcare Products/Medical Devices Sales Executive