Why is Placing A COMPLETE FIT® candidate critical?

Strong Executive Leaders Get Strong Results! 


In a recent survey of 450 Investment Analysts, Deloitte Insights found that:



  • Senior leadership team effectiveness ranks as the 2nd most important criteria for a company's financial success.

  • A company with an effective senior leadership team receives a higher valuation...as much as 35% higher.

  • The effect of senior leadership on valuation is greater in smaller companies than larger companies.

What We Do

At Edwards Executive Search, we believe that the key to executive performance goes beyond technical competency (experience-based and skill-based competencies) to personal (job) fit, cultural (organizational) fit, and even ethical (business values) fit!


Our recruiting process specializes in analyzing these “soft skills” in addition to the technical “hard” skills. We call it the CompleteFit® executive search process, and it involves the robust vetting of candidates in four critical areas i.e. technical, personal, cultural and ethical.


Our candidate sourcing process is based on targeted sourcing (both proactive and reactive) so as to identify the best talent, including passive candidates, for a particular position.

How We Compare
Cost Effective Executive Search
  • A fee of 28% of salary, RATHER THAN OF CASH COMPENSATION, i.e. salary + bonus. This saves our clients thousands of dollars in executive search costs.

  • A two year replacement guarantee.

Sample Positions Filled By Edwards Executive Search 
  • President                      

  • CFO                              

  • COO 

  • General Counsel

  • SVP, Marketing            

  • SVP, Product Supply

  • VP, Strategy                    

  • VP, Operations               

  • VP, Supply Chain           

  • VP, HR                             

  • VP, Regional Manager

  • SVP/VP, Sales

  • VP, Marketing

  • Senior Attorney  

  • Director, Tax                

  • VP, Manufacturing

  • District Manager, Sales

  • Director, Marketing & PR

How to hire a Top Performer